5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Blog

Let’s say that you have a few hours free and you want to dedicate it to your blog. It’s not enough time to take on a major project such as building a new theme or completely redoing your categories/tags (at least not if you have a large site), but you want to do something to make your blog better.

If you find yourself with that blessing, here are five things that you can do right now to improve your blog, all of which take less than an hour and some only take a few minutes.

Best of all, doing these things will, in most cases, have an immediate or near-immediate impact on your site. Making it more approachable with better content.

So here are some ways you can improve your site right now.

5. Tweak Your Theme

You might not have the time you need to overhaul your theme completely, but what about tweaking it a bit? Why not see if you can improve your site’s typography, thus making your text easier to read? Maybe it’s time for a better logo?

Though, in a perfect world, the look of a site would not impact the way it is read, appearance matters a great deal on the Web, especially when it affects readability. Take a few moments to look at your site, analyze what its weakest points are visually and address them.

Even if it is as simple as adding new RSS buttons, it can be a huge help.
4. Run a Site Speed Test

How fast does your site load? What’s slowing it down the most? If you don’t know, run a site speed analysis and find out. Then all you have to do is eliminate whatever is slowing you down and you should notice a drastic difference in your site’s speed ,all without moving hosts or paying more money.

If you have files that are slowing you down but can’t remove them, consider hosting them on Amazon Cloudfront or Rackspace Cloud to greatly increase their download speed cheaply. Also, be sure to optimize images as needed to keep them from dragging your site down.
3. Tweak/Add Static Pages

Though most people read blogs for the day-to-day content, most people become regular readers, at least in part, due to something available on the static pages of your site.

If you check your traffic stats, you’ll likely find that your static pages are among the most popular on your site but, since they aren’t being constantly written, they fall out of date.

Take a few moments to update or add to your static pages. Write a little bit about yourself, include a picture if you can to forge a more human connection and add pages that compliment your regular blog topics. It works great.
2. Add a Feature

Though adding features to your blogs recklessly can get you in trouble, especially with your site’s speed and appearance, if you have been wanting to add Twitter interaction or a new widget, now is a great time.

Since WordPress and other blogging platforms make it so easy to add plugins, widgets and other elements, if you want to try out a new tool or service, you can do so with relative ease and safety. However, be sure to closely monitor how it affects your site and ensure that it does more good than harm.
1. Brainstorm

Though brainstorming isn’t as immediate with its gratification, it is something you will see benefit from tomorrow and for a long time moving forward.

The problem is that, if you’ve been blogging long enough, idea generation and blog post writing are likely part of the same process. If you don’t constantly have ideas ready when you wake up in the morning, you spend time coming up with ideas that should have gone to writing and crafting the perfect post.

If you brainstorm in advance, you’ll find that your posts are much higher quality. They are better thought out, have much tighter writing and tend to wonder off course less. If you post every weekday and you take an hour now to come up with 15 good ideas, you’ll have three weeks of high-quality posts in your future.

What can improve your site more than that?
Bottom Line

When it comes to making your site better, it doesn’t take a lot of time, just a lot of heart and willingness to sacrifice a few moments to spend on things that are not directly related to blogging.

Best of all, these are just some of the things you can do to make your site better. There are plenty of other things that you can improve on the quick. You just have to beilling to look around.
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Set time for your post

Since the start introduced by John Chow Com now, I always increase the number of messages per day. On average, most days I also have five posts and they are distributed all of the time to put up blogs. Several readers have asked me to sit all day embrace the computer or that every 3 to 4 hours as I have a message like that. The answer is no. I write all the items once, then set the time for them.

Wordpress has a function of time allowed for display messages due time you set in advance. Marshal the time displayed on the message is the time you press the button publish, but the show for viewers to see it can be adjusted. So, I wrote many articles for your blog before, and then set the time to show them to the different hours of the day.

Use timestamp easily. Just write as usual, but instead press the Publish button you or timestamp to the time that restaurants post items appear on the blog by the time you want, then publish the new edition. Your message will not appear on your blog page, it only shows the time when you are booking ahead.

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Create Phavicon - the symbol of blogs

Most blogs are currently lacking a favicon.ico file and almost all are using the default. There is a way to make your blog more popular on the bookmark is to create a separate icon. The process of creating this file is very simple. You create a GIF or PNG file size 16 × 16 pixels is related to your site and then save it to a file called favico.ico. Upload this file to the root directory and add the following code between tag


<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://www.tipsblog4.blogspot.com/favicon.ico”>

<link rel=”icon” href=”http://www.tipsblog4.blogspot.com/favicon.ico”>

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The length of messages and how often write

The length of each message can be from one paragraph to an essay, about 7,000 words long. You can use any way also. The real key is not the length of the message, which is the frequency of the message. Some blogger, writing is very short because they write dozens of messages each day. Some people write very long back, but only updated blog 2 or 3 times a week. It is important in this case 2 is to select the frequency of writing accordingly.

I personally, I prefer to keep their posts in 1000 to about 200 words. Sometimes I also write more than 1000 since if the topic should be so. But the principle of me, I just use enough since to express my opinion. Time's readers are very valuable and you do not want to waste time by reading with the jerky. The reason I write a long article minimum 200 characters is to have from me to the frame surrounding the Google ad in the article. If I write less than 200 words or messages, only a video I have to remove the Google ads go.

Write often more important than writing a lot longer
Does not have anything lose readers of your blog better, is to see a blog updated every time a date within a week, and then suddenly did not update anything anymore. If you prepare to update your blog once a day (or any other frequency you choose), then you try to do it. Do not make a blogger on and then off again. Your blog will never be developed if you do cu.

I think blogs should be updated every day because as the new functions of the blog. If you do not have anything to write means that you really were not observed. I write from 3 to 5 items or more than a day and I can write now, but I do not do it because I do not want to give readers too much information led to a pool
The updated regularly on many benefits. It encourages readers to check the blog or RSS reader on your fees daily. Google also likes the blog is updated frequently and will send the bot to regularly index (index) your site.

Writing often important to the big blogs, when they go out, they must hide their guests to know suffered from pressures writing. Please remember, the key is the frequency of updating your blog must be appropriate. Be committed to writing X items per week within a year, you will see great things will happen.

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how treated with ideas conflict on your blog

I really have always eager wait for the conflicting opinions on my blog because it is an indicator of the development. This is a general rule have to remember: when your blog over the growing number of conflicting opinions will increasingly. Therefore, do not consider the conflicting opinions on your blog is an evil. It is one thing really well - your blog is growing! A principle uncomfortable that you have to remember is: if you do not fidget with someone, then you will not work properly.

This does not mean you should make readers distasteful. It is folly. What I want to say is you can not always make everyone happy and you absolutely should not try. The objective is that any feasible even if we want whatever reason again. The World blog is a place too large to everyone feel happy with what you say or do.

The conflicting opinions will encourage debate

Let us face to face with it, the blog will be boring if everyone answered: "Posts great! I completely agree with him. ". There are conflicting opinions appear on the article will encourage debate among readers. It is like flame war in a forum. While many people believe that the fire of war is not good, most of the former owner of the Forum that does not stop the right from the start because it creates a lot of traffic, traffic, which is equivalent to money.

This is why I allow comments on the conflict my blog. I know the opinions conflict, which takes people to both sides of an issue, and they will write to express their views. People used to satirize that those who write opinions conflicts warning about a reduction in traffic, but practically it helps increase traffic.

It is said this will leave

People do not completely leaving a site. They can not visit regularly as before anymore, but when there are very few people will never go back. I've met a person has written that my blog has become too currencies, they will be leaving and never return. But the next day, they do hực I hung up in a different message.

How treated with a conflicting opinions

The best way to handle conflicting opinions or crab is thank readers for their opinions and to reply directly to the issues they are interested. Never Famous hot with readers even when they do you stand hot, it will not make you look professional ti do. Although you can edit the comments are probably the obscene, but you never delete it. An opinion is also a content and the content will bring traffic.

Next time if you read some conflicting opinions or crab on your blog, then do not look at it as a bad nhé. Instead, it is a signal to see your blog is growing and you are doing something right. If you never get an idea crab on your blog, that is, you are doing wrong.

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